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Family Mediation

Family Mediation involves bringing the parties to a family dispute together in order to resolve their differences in a positive and constructive way.  Navigating through a separation or through co-parenting arrangements can be a difficult process for many reasons.  First of all, the emotional entanglement of the parties can make it difficult to work through the problems in a clear and rational way.  When children are involved, the parties need to recognize that their relationship to each other can never be completely severed.  Through their children, they will have a continued commitment and connection that will be evident well into the children's adulthood.  How the parties choose to move forward will not only affect themselves but will also have a long-lasting affect on the children.

There may be many aspects to a family dispute including (but not limited to):

  • In the case of separation or divorce:
    • The division of property accumulated during the relationship including real property, personal property, bank accounts and investments, and pensions;
    • The apportioning of responsibility for any debt entered into during the relationship;
    • Addressing any income disparities between the parties (spousal support);

  • Where there are children of the relationship:
    • Parenting plans for any children of the relationship which includes:
      • Determining who the child/children shall reside with.  Will there be a primary caregiver where the child/children live primarily with one parent or will there be shared parenting where they spend close to equal time with both parties?
      • What will the scheduling of parenting time look like?  How will the hand-offs of the child/children be handled?  For instance, in the case of a parent who has weekend visitation, will he/she take custody Friday evening or Saturday morning?  Will the child/children be returned in the morning on Sunday or in the evening?  Where will the hand-off occur?
      • How will special holidays, birthdays, Mother's Day, and Father's Day be handled?
    • Child support provisions;  
    • How will special and/or extraordinary expenses be handled?

Each Family Mediation is unique with unique issues and priorities.  At Point Counter Point, we can help you navigate through these issues and draft an agreement that will support your efforts to move forward with your lives and to ensure the best outcome for yourselves and your children.

For more information regarding the mandatory family mediation requirements in Saskatchewan, please see Mandatory Early Family Resolution.   

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