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Parent Coordination

Parent Coordination is a long-term (usually 2-years) commitment to work with families who find themselves in continual conflict.  The Parent Coordinator works with the families to stabilize the family dynamic, to ensure the best interests of the children, and to avoid further court applications and appearances.  A Parent Coordinator coaches, builds consensus or mediates issues, manages conflict, and makes decisions when agreement cannot be reached.

A Parent Coordinator works within the scope of an existing Interspousal Agreement and/or court order.  A Parent Coordinator will first attempt to mediate the parties toward a solution to a dispute but, if unable to reach agreement, will arbitrate the matter based on the information provided by the parties.  A parent coordinator cannot and will not arbitrate a change to the existing Interspousal Agreement and/or court order and cannot and will not arbitrate a change to child support provisions.  A parent coordinator typically works with and coaches the family to improve communications between the parties; to help them work out the details of the Interspousal Agreement or court order such as drop off times/places, holiday schedules, extracurricular activies, etc.; and to ensure the best interests of the child are always the primary consideration.  

Further information regarding Parenting Coordination in Saskatchewan can be found on the Early Family Dispute Resolution page.

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